Mitsubishi WS-65869 65" 16:9 Rear Projection HDTV




Built-in 3rd Generation HDTV Receiver:

  • Incorporates the latest technology for improving off-air image  reception

  • It is less sensitive to antenna placement and multipath interference and can receive broadcasts at greater distances from transmitters than earlier generations.

  • Because this HDTV receiver is built-in, it is easier to use than those in set top boxes and requires no additional remote control.

Five Picture Format Modes:

  • Provides the user with many ways to fill the TV screen with images of different shapes

Film Mode:

  • Improves the conversion quality of 480-line interlaced video derived from film (including most movies) to 480-line progressive scan by way of a sophisticated 3:2 pull-down compensation system.

Split Screen:

  • Allows viewing 2 video sources simultaneously with each commanding half of the TV screen.

DIAMOND VISIONŽ Optical System which includes:

  • Premium CRTs for a brighter image with improved focus

  • Precision beam control for enhanced resolution

  • Front-surface mirrors for a brighter picture and no double

EDF (Enhanced Depth-of-Field) Lenses:

  • These advanced lenses provide more accurate focus in the corners and along the edges of the screen.

DiamondBrite Screen:

  • Provides a brighter picture by focusing more of the CRTs' light into the typical TV viewing area

Dynamic White Balance:

  • Ensures color accuracy at all brightness levels

64-Point Convergence System:

  • Easy to use and provides precise color alignments

AV Memory by input:

  • Automatically memorizes the color, tint, brightness, contrast and other picture adjustments preferred for each input

Color Temperature Control:

  • Provides 3 preset modes, each with a slightly different balance of red, blue and green

MicroFine Phosphor CRT's:

  • The new Platinum Series CRTs employ fine-grain phosphors for a 20 percent smaller spot sizes, resulting in sharper, clearer, higher-resolution images

Motion-Adaptive 3D-Y/C 480-Line Comb Filters:

  • Even video content with bright colors and fast action is displayed with a new level of clarity

High-Speed Velocity Scan Modulation (HVSM):

  • This feature has the speed and precision it takes to deliver crisp-edge detail even at the hyperfast scan rates of 480p and 1080i

DPM3 (Diamond Digital Pixel Multiplier):

  • Enables the TV's precision circuitry and optics to display standard-resolution TV programming with finer detail smoother, more natural texture

ColorTuned Diamond Shield:

  • This unique optical design protects the screen from scratches and adds improved contrast to the picture, resulting in blacker blacks and brighter whites.  By selectively filtering yellow and orange light, the main components in sunlight and home lighting, the shield prevents this light from hitting the TV screen and washing out its picture.

V-Chip Hours:

  • Automatically turns V-Chip on and off at preset times, so parents do not need to manually turn it on and off when the children go to bed

Six-inch stereo speakers:

  • For deeper bass, higher efficiency and lower distortion

Two-Piece Cabinet:

  • Enables the television to easily be disassembled to allow delivery into homes or rooms with and small doorways or other obstructions

IR Pass-Through:

  • An auxiliary IR sensor is located behind the TV screen and is connected to 2 IR blaster jacks on the rear panel. This provides the ability to control other products by IR remote control even when they are not in sight.


  • Two progressive scan (480p)/Interlaced (480i) Component video inputs - For optimal viewing of DVD's
  • VGA Input - Allows connection of a PC or digital set top box for displaying a standard VGA 60Hz image. Computer games and multimedia Internet sites develop a new level of realism when viewed on such a large, clear and bright screen.
  • QAM digital cable TV tuner - For receiving unscrambled HDTV and SDTV cable programming without a cable box.
  • HD Input - Accepts 1080i, 480p, and 480i signals.  Can be configured for RGBHV or Component signals
  • Firewire Input - Accepts video signals from compatible sources
  • Front AV Input - S-Video and Composite. Allows easy connection of a camcorder or video game


  • The clearest, easiest-to-use on-screen graphic user interface ever offered on a television NetCommandŽ provides the user with the ability to select any IEEE 1394-equipped AV component connected to the TV and control its remote control. NetCommandŽ accomplishes this via an advanced level of HAVi (Home Audio Video Interface); a new technology and industry standard designed to provide easy access and control for all AV products on an IEEE 1394 network. It can also control the main features of many brands of existing AV products such as DVD players, cable and satellite boxes, VCRs and AV receivers by way of similar on-screen graphic menus. Simply use the TV's remote control to select commonly used features (such as "PLAY" for a VCR) from an on-screen palette of icons and the TV automatically sends a corresponding remote control signal to that product.